The Basque Government launches education strategy for social transformation (H) ABIAN 2030

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In conjunction with the provincial councils, municipalities and civil society, the Basque Government (GV) by the Basque Agency for Development Cooperation (AVCD) launched between 2015 and 2016 a participatory process to define strategy in education according to the Basque Strategy for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The strategy has taken as its starting point the previous document Development Education (ED) and various recommendations of international organizations such as UNESCO, the European Union and the Law for the Basque Government Decentralized Cooperation.

As a first step in the process, we worked on the definition of the concept of Education for Social Transformation (EPTs), in which notions of individuality-collectivity and the local-global approach that will give a completely different perspective to development were incorporated educational. For example, it will generate in the population pretend skills to take a critical look at local-global approach to achieving greater coherence in public policy and build a critical agenda of ODS.

The design process of the strategy, which was highly collaborative, had several phases with the presence of various actors. In the first one context analysis by the Epts tallerres the GER, interviews with a group contrast, contributions received by internet and previous documents analysis was performed. Subsequently, the team AVCD and some areas of GV as those related to environmental, consumer, youth, community development, human rights and education was incorporated.

Thus, in accordance with the Basque strategy for the ODS, it was established that the Epts should address the local-global approach and pedagogical policy approaches to education content with gender and sexual diversity in all areas - formal, non-formal education or informal education. According to Epts, these approaches will generate an identity rooted in the local but can be supplemented, questioned and assimilated by other identities. Also, the concept of global citizenship and deepen work on the interdependencies of the system, estructurasles causes of inequality and injustice, and the impact of the latter at the local level.

One of the most important lessons of this process was networking and active participation of various stakeholders. In addition, this dynamic seeks to take place not only during the design strategy but in the same educational processes. So, be called DNGOs but also social movements, groups organized in other areas, groups and populations excluded groups of migrants, among others.

Through EPTs, GV seeks to generate critical penasamiento within its population, learning pay for emancipation and education on rights, responsibilities, care and collaboration. Thus, the strategy becomes a powerful tool for locating the ODS, not only in terms of Objective 4 concerning quality education, but the targets 5, 10,11 and 17 Agenda 2030 as a whole.

The full strategy is available at:

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