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Soria Committment

Concept notes and papers , Available in Français Español

The declaration was approved by participants to the event "Think Europe - Commitment 2030" held in Soria, Spain, on 16-18th January 2019 convened by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) and UCLG. The main themes where how local governments are responding to the challenges facing Europe through territorial cohesion, and the key role of intermediary cities in Agenda 2030. In addition to mayors and elected representatives from the cities of Soria, Madrid, Avilés, Santander, Seville, A Coruña, Murcia, Aranjuez, Terrassa, Nigrán, Granollers, Palencia, Trujillo, Benavites, and Legazpi and the presence of the Provincial Governments of Soria, Cordoba and Barcelona, the event had an important presence of the Spanish government, with the Minister of Territorial Policy and Civil service Meritxell Batet, Minister of Culture José Guirao, the Minister of Industry and Commerce Reyes Maroto.

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