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DSTO: "Introduction to Sustainable Development" so that more people know about sustainable development

Concept notes and papers

DSTO is Sustainable Development for ALL, so that we all know about sustainable development. The main objective of "Introduction to sustainable development" is that more people know what is happening on the planet, what can be done to save it and at the same time have a good quality of life. Let more people know about Sustainable Development. With the above, create a knowledge environment where the inhabitants of a place discuss and exchange ideas and / or proposals that contribute to creating a more sustainable place.


The JMDI Handbook: A Bottom-up Approach

Available in Español

This handbook on ‘Migration for Development: A bottom-up approach’ provides solid evidence for better planning and management of migration interventions, such as by assessing what works, under what co...

Developed by Joint Migration and Development Initiati...

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Guidance and systemization of experiences


Available in Español

Never before has such a comprehensive, green and contemporary picture of Danish municipalities been drawn. Klima100 is a testimony to the fact that the municipalities have the ambition, creativity, an...

Developed by Realdania and Sustainia

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Guidance and systemization of experiences

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