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Requirements of advanced regionalization and challenges of integrating sectoral policies

Concept notes and papers , Available in Français العربية

The EESC has initiated a reflection within the framework of a self-referral whose essential objectives revolve around the following main axes: a. Identification of the tools and approaches for successful decentralization and deconcentration, especially in terms of skills transfer; Improving the coherence and integration of public policies at the territorial level; c. Promoting sustainable economic, social and environmental development; d. Strengthening coordination and promoting the participation of institutional and territorial actors; e. Strengthening participatory democracy. The suggestions and recommendations around these axes aiming at proposing an approach likely to allow a successful implementation of the regionalization and to meet its challenges, are the result of analyzes of the state of the places of the decentralization, the deconcentration and the level of integration of sectoral policies which, although they can not claim to be exhaustive, are based on the feedback of the evolutions recorded to date in these parameters of reference bibliographic research and relevant lessons learned from the literature. participatory approach of the EESC in all its work.


SDGs at the Subnational Level: Regional Governments in the Voluntary National Reviews.

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The report SDGs at the Subnational Level: Regional Governments in the Voluntary National Reviews is the result of a consultation with 12 regional governments and associations, spanning from eight out...

Developed by nrg4SD and ORU-Fogar

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Case studies and best practices

Localizing the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs: Strengthening Local Government Action in Central Africa

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Local Development plays an important role in the development of local economies, enhancing jobs and livelihoods creation as well as in the provision of basic services to the population, all having a s...

Developed by United Nations Development Programme (UN...

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Guidance and systemization of experiences

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