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Sustainable Cities Dialogue: urban governance at the core of the implementation of SDG 11

Guidance and systemization of experiences , Available in Français

The Sustainable Cities Dialogue took place in Strasbourg on May 24 -25 2018, and it aimed at paving the way towards the HLPF 2018 where SDG 11 is under review. The report is based on the meeting proceedings, participants’ presentations and responses to a questionnaire. To achieve sustainable cities and communities, enhancing political, legal and institutional frameworks as well as financial support at the local level is needed. These are not always explicit in SDG 11 targets, yet necessary for their implementation. Implementing the urban dimension of the SDGs represents an opportunity to renew dialogue, establish new governance mechanisms, ensure that both public and private finance is channeled in ways that contribute towards sustainable urban development. The report specifically addresses urban governance as the bedrock for SDG 11 implementation, and for all the urban-related SDGs, showing the linkages with the New Urban Agenda and illustrated by experiences and examples.


Getting Started with the SDGs in Cities

Available in English Français

Getting Started with the SDGs in Cities outlines how cities can get started with implementing the SDGs in cities and human settlements. The handbook provides general principles and processes that will...

Developed by Sustainable Development Solutions Networ...

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Guidance and systemization of experiences

Key Competencies for Improving Local Governance – Local Elected Leadership Series Volume 2 – Users Guide: to maximize use beyond training workshops

Available in English Français

The Local Elected Leadership (LEL) series presents two roles and ten competencies essential for every elected official to effectively perform their job when serving local communities. The series conta...

Developed by United Nations Human Settlements Program...

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Guidance and systemization of experiences

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