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Establishing a Local Government Association

Guidance and systemization of experiences

Wherever there is local government, sooner or later there will be a Local Government Association (LGA). The explanation for this almost universal trend is simple: local government management and staffs want to share experiences and learn from each other; they want to work together in finding solutions for common obstacles; they want to join forces in confirming and taking their responsibilities, they want to make their work more cost-effective. Forming an association helps create a unified voice for local government and establish a support mechanism based on ownership and self-help. LGAs thus create favourable conditions for effective and efficient local governments, which in turn support the development of their communities and improve the lives of citizens. This document has been written as a practical, easy-reference manual in preparing and establishing an LGA. It is meant in the first place for local government leaders, but also for decentralisation task force members and for Ministries of Local Government who consider that establishing an LGA is a useful step in developing the local government sector in their country.


Seoul's Clean Construction System for Efficient Public Administration and Transparent Construction Management: A Resource Book for Practitioners

Available in English

The public construction sector in many places around the world suffers from mismanagement and the culture of secrecy, leaving tax-payers’ resources misused and citizens uninformed about important deve...

Developed by United Nations Development Programme (UN...

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Tools : Accountability

Localization of the Agenda 2030 in Barcarena

Available in English

The Barcarena City Hall presents its experience in government planning aligned with the UN Development Agendas, highlighting some of the MDG results (from 2013 to 2015) and ODS (from 2016).

Developed by Prefeitura de Barcarena

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Guidance and systemization of experiences

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