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Localization of the SDGs: Experiences and Lessons learned from Tuscany

Guidance and systemization of experiences

In 2015 the Region has started an overall effort of research, analysis and classification of Tuscany’s territorial cooperation experiences in view of better structuring and capitalizing on its decentralized cooperation initiatives. The present document is the outcome of this process, presenting some of Tuscany’s most relevant development experiences in both the Tuscan territory and partners countries. It analyses the key components of each initiative, by describing the impact, elements of quality, management, sustainability and replicability, thereby offering a complete overview on the experience. In addition, the document puts the whole set of initiatives presented into the SDG perspective highlighting the relevance of Tuscany’s development knowledge and practices and its potential contribution to an integrated localization of the SDGs. In this regards, the Tuscany Region considers the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP) as the global partner of reference to define and shareon a broader scale the relevant tools.


TERRINCLUS - Methodological guide for international cooperation in the field of sustainable and inclusive local development

Available in English

Convinced of the importance of developing quality cooperation projects in the field of sustainable and inclusive local development, the Assembly of French Departments conducted an action-research appr...

Developed by Assemblée des Départements de France

Posted by Simon Letonturier

Guidance and systemization of experiences

Localising the SDGs - The role of Local Government in context

Available in English

Published in African Journal of Public Affairs, Volume 9 number 2 • June 2016

Developed by School of Management, IT and Governance...

Posted by Fabienne Perucca

Concept notes and papers

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