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Local support for global challenges


The publication offers an inventory of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their targets, outlining what local governments can do to achieve them. For cities, municipalities and public centres for social well-being (PCSW), as first-line governments, the SDGs offer an interesting framework to establish links between the local and global level, starting from local policies and local practice. A lot of information is already provided about the Sustainable Development Goals, but in this publication we want to give an onset for a local translation of the goals seen from a policy-making perspective. 169 targets are quite something, and we have made a provisional selection of the targets that we think are relevant for local administrations, with examples from local practice. These examples are certainly not complete, but give an indication of how Sustainable Development Goals can be filled in ‘locally’ in Flanders.


Introduction to Korea's Anti-Corruption Initiative Assessment

Available in English

This practical publication presents the Anti-Corruption Initiative Assessment (AIA) tool of the Republic of Korea's Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission (ACRC). AIA combines qualitative and quant...

Developed by Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commiss...

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Tools : Monitoring and Evaluation

Diagnostic Tool to Support the Localization of the SDGs at Subnational Level in Asia-Pacific

Available in English

An online platform that brings quantitative and qualitative data together for effective SDG plans.

Developed by United Nations Development Programme (UN...

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Tools : Diagnostics

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